6 Signs You Are Working Too Hard And Hurting Your Work-Life Balance

It is already past midnight. And you are still up, working.

You have too many things to do and you have a deadline coming up, you cannot go to bed right now.

You stay up late at work and try to finish your work, but you cannot. You end up bringing your work home, take a quick shower and get back to your computer before going to sleep. You set a goal for yourself to complete those pending tasks before you hit the bed.

The thing is, sometimes it is impossible to complete those tasks within one night.

You become a stranger to your bed. You fall asleep in your chair with your computer running. No amount of coffee in the world can keep your eyes open.

You miss your healthy morning routine many times because you are too tired to wake up. You rather staying in bed for 5 more minutes than do a quick 5-minute workout.

You smirk when you hear people talking about work-life balance. “There is no such thing”, you think. You cannot remember when was the last time you can turn off your work email, not even having a vacation.

When you have to sacrifice your life for your work

The competition and demand in the workforce are crazy these days. Everyone is trying to prove that they are hardworking and dedicated. So unless you are the founder of your company, if you don’t work hard or at least, pretend to work hard, you will get yourself into trouble.

In fact, while the work-life balance is a must in the long run, sometimes you can afford to sacrifice some aspects of your life for your work, for a better future.

1. When your sacrifice doesn’t affect the time with your loved ones

You can be busy, you can take your work home. But make sure it doesn’t affect the time you have with your family. Show up on time for dinner and fully be in the present.

There is nothing on Earth that can replace your loved ones. What you have right now is not permanent. Your family won’t be there with you and for you forever. Cherish them while you can.

2. When you have your family to support you

It is not a wise choice if you decide to sacrifice your family time for your work especially when your family is having some troubles. Many people tore their relationship apart, broke up with their partners just because they don’t spend enough time together.

Have an open conversation with your family, make sure you get their sympathy and understanding. Set up a timetable to maintain your work-life balance and make sure you don’t abandon your family.

3. When you first start something new

Success requires hard work. Especially when you first start your humble steps. Things are hard and there are tons of work to do.

You always have to sacrifice one thing for another. And this is the phase when you have to sacrifice the most. Sometimes you miss so many things in your life that you question yourself if it’s worth it.

4. When you have a good reason to do so

Not all sacrifices are equal. It is easier to be sympathetic if you miss your family dinner because of an urgent task from work, but not when you decide to hang out with your co-workers to a bar for your networking.

Sometimes the thing you have to give up in exchange for something else is not worth it.

Make sure you don’t look back and regret not spending time with your family. Make sure you sacrifice when you have a good reason to do so.

Remember, there are some things you should never sacrifice for your work, no matter how important your work is.

You might not be aware of this, but sometimes you are too dwelled on your work and forget to live your life.

Here are 6 signs you are working too hard that it hurts your personal life. 

1. The first thing you think of in the morning is your work problems

Instead of waking up and feeling grateful for having another day, the first thing you think of is your to-do list, your pending tasks from the days before and all the problems you have to deal with.

Before you even step out of bed, you focus on the negativity of the day. This sucks all the excitement you have for a new day, replaces it with stress and anxiety. You end up feeling busy and nervous about your day.

2. Your work is still on your mind even when you go to bed

You cannot seem to switch off your working mood easily. Even when you go to bed, you still think about work. You measure your success by your work achievements.

You think this is the proof that you are committed to success. But it’s really the opposite. It is an obsession, not focus.

3. You don’t spend enough time to be with your family

One thing you should never sacrifice even if it’s for the highest prize in the world is your family. If you don’t spend time with your family when you have a chance, you will regret it soon.

You might not easily be aware of this yourself. Sometimes you let your work overrun your family time. If you constantly get home late, miss family dinner, never have time to chat and listen to your partners, or when your family tells you that you sacrifice too much for your job, it’s time to look at your timetable and make changes while you still can.

4. You get overwhelmed by work stress and time pressures at work

You hate deadlines. Because they make you anxious. You feel like you have something bugging you in the back of your head until you get them done.

You are always in a hurry, you are running late most of the times. You feel overwhelmed by all the deadlines and time pressures at work.

5. If you don’t complete all of your tasks today, you cannot sleep at night

As much as you hate deadlines, you hate leaving things behind. You feel incomplete if you have some pending task. For you, everything is urgent and needs to be done today. Otherwise, you will have a trouble to sleep at night.

You hate going to sleep while you haven’t finished your work. You feel inadequate and unworthy. You feel like a loser, a fraud.

6. You start to have some health issues

Because you are too busy, you don’t have time to work out, you don’t sleep enough. You might try to get back into the fitness world, but you rather spend that time to sleep a little longer.

You notice that you have eye-strain quickly, you have back pain issue and you gain weight. You don’t sit in the correct posture and your doctor warns you about some permanent health risks.

Many people are forced to be a workaholic.

You might be too. It’s like recovering from an addiction, sometimes you need to try and learn how to switch off your working mood and enjoy a breath of air.

Remember, working hard doesn’t equal with working smart. And there are so many more things in life that are 10 times more valuable than your job.

Nothing is permanent. Live your life while you can.

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