50 Tiny Things To Be Grateful For Everyday

things to be grateful for

Sometimes life is hard. Well, that doesn’t really express how you really feel, does it?

Here’s a more accurate way: life gets brutal sometimes.

You might feel this way when you poured your hard-earned money, soul and heart into an investment plan, and things didn’t turn out as you expected.

It might be when you worked so hard at your job all year, but a small mistake in a meeting with your client discredited everything.

It might be when you invested so much in a relationship, and it didn’t end well.

There are countless things can make you feel sad, exhausted and worthless. You wish you can just go to bed and when you wake up, all your troubles will disappear.

Yes, you know life has up and down. You also know you should appreciate all the people and all the things you have in your life right now.

But sometimes, it is just too hard for you to stop your tears from coming out, or lift your face up and make a fake smile.

To help you to get rid of this feeling, and start appreciating things you have in your life, here’s the suggestion of 50 tiny things to be grateful for.

1. You were born

Life is precious. And your life is even more. Because out of 30 million competitors, you made it to your mom’s egg and grew up to a wonderful person as you are today.

Just thinking about the race you faced before you were born, I’m sure you agree with me that once you won that race, there is nothing that can stop you now.

2. Your parents

Do you still have the privilege that your parents are around, you can talk to them, listen to them or drop them a visit anytime you want too?

You are so much luckier than many other people on earth.

The hard truth is that, it won’t last forever no matter how hard we try to make it last. Embrace this moment, this moment is priceless.

3. Your partner

If you have someone to come home with, to be around with, then you are doing better than many people. Don’t take your partner for granted. When you see him/her today, make sure you tell him/her how much you love and appreciate him/her.

4. Your friends

Not all people have friends. Many people come and go through your life. But only a few we can call friends. If you have friends, who can listen and support you, you are so lucky.

5. A place to sleep

You might be living in a mansion, or a tiny apartment, or a van, or you don’t even have one at all. If you have a place to sleep tonight, you can be thankful for it. Many people don’t.

6. Nutritious food

While many people on earth don’t have enough food, some even starve, you are so lucky that you can eat when you are hungry. Don’t take food for granted. Don’t waste food. Think about all of those unlucky people who are starving and stop complaining about your food.

7. Clean water

If you are living in a desert, I’m sure you will understand this better. Or if you are living in a polluted country, where water is not filtered or tested before use, you will be more grateful.

Some people’s wildest wish is to drink until their thirst is under control without worrying about any disease that can spread in their water.

8. Security

If you can walk freely in the street without worrying that someone can put a knife on your throat, you are living in a pretty secure area. Because many people don’t have that privilege.

If you read on the news often, you’ll know that many people have to risk their lives every time they get out of their houses. Not that they piss off somebody, it’s just sometimes a random terrorist decided to pick them as the next victim.

9. Modern technology

If you have access to TV, phones and computers, then you are luckier than many. Ask some people in North Korea if you have a chance. But wait, they are not allowed to talk to tourist!

10. You wake up today

The most obvious reason to be grateful for is that you wake up today. You have a chance to start a new fresh day with full of possibilities. To some other people, they couldn’t make it to today.

11. Your family wake up with you today

If you wake up and your family wakes up with you, you have all the best reasons in the world to be happy. One day, you won’t be able to enjoy this, because this privilege won’t last forever. Embrace this moment. Enjoy it while you can.

12. Education

Did you go to school? If you did, you are luckier than many people. Some cannot go to school no matter how much they want to, but their society or their families or their lives were so damn hard that education becomes luxurious.

13. Opportunities to learn

People say life is the best teacher. If you are being tested and challenged, even if you fail, you have an opportunity to learn from your mistakes.

14. Freedom to pursue what you love

If you are free to follow your passion and create the work you love, you are in the top of luckiest people in the world. Many people are tied to their cultures and traditions that they cannot do the job they want.

15. Pain and joy

You are afraid of pain. Maybe you are even experiencing pain right now. But without pain, you don’t know how good it is when it’s over.

16. Your health

If you have a good health, then you are so lucky. Even if you are experiencing some level of sickness, you are still doing better than many people. So embrace the health you have and try to improve it if you can.

17. You can take care of yourself

You can smirk if you think this is not a thing to be grateful for. But if you think about it, what would it be if you have to depend on other people to take care of you for you?

Even if you are disabled and cannot fully take care of yourself, the most important thing is that you are trying, and that’s brave.

18. Medicine

If you are like me, you might be living in a country where fake medicines are being produced everyday and sold at a high price. It’s even worse when those medicines were the treatment for cancer. Be thankful for the real treatment you receive.

19. Books

Books add more colors to our lives and riches our souls.

20. Life challenges

Have you ever wished your life become smoother and easier? But life challenges are the gifts of life. Because they allow you to explore your ability, test your strength and encourage you to improve yourself.

21. Your exercise

Be grateful for the exercise you are doing. Because they make you stronger, healthier and happier, don’t they?

22. Quiet time

Some people are afraid of being alone. You might be too. You hate the feeling lonely.

But when you are alone, you are allowed to connect deeper with your higher self and realize your true feelings. My favorite time of the day is early morning, when everyone is still sleeping. I wake up alone, meditate alone and I feel like I can hear my soul talks.

23. Laughter

Whoever or whatever can make you laugh, embrace them.

24. A fully functional body

Do you complain that your eyes are not as big as you want, your legs are not long and straight as you want, or your waist is not as small as you hope? If you have a fully functional body, you should be thankful, because many people don’t.

25. Ability to work

Have you heard the story of this little autistic boy who thought he could never be employable, and a Starbuck manager recruited him?

If you haven’t, I would recommend watching this video. It will melt you, and you will feel so much happier after it.

26. The air

Some wise men said, “the best things on earth are free”. They could be truer. Compared with people who live in Beijing, where the pollution is so bad that it creates mist all the year, don’t you feel relief that you can breathe normally now?

27. Your pets

Embrace your little friends. They are the best medicine for your soul.

28. A random act of kindness

Remember when a person held the door for you to walk through, or when you dropped your groceries and someone helped to pick it up for you? A little kindness is what the world needs.

29. Sunshine

If you have a chance to look and feel the sunshine, you will know it is breathtakingly beautiful. Sunshine is a privilege, because a lot of people, who make themselves too busy to stop and look, never experience its beauty.

30. A good night sleep

What can be better than a good night sleep when you are hurt and tired? A good night sleep lets you recover and restore your energy.

31. Time with your family

Time with family is the most precious time you could ever experience. Remember, it won’t last forever. Feel the joy and live at the moment.

32. Your uniqueness

You are unique and special. You are one of the kind and you don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not, because you are amazing the way you are.

This should be the reason to be proud of.

33. Your dream

Some people don’t even know what they want to do with their lives. So if you do now, you are one step ahead of them.

34. Your memories

Your memories are the best footage that capture your life.

35. Clothes

If you have enough clothes to change, or enough clothes to keep you warm, be grateful for it. Many people, including children, are lack of clothes and they have to walk barefoot to the field, to their school when it’s freezing.

36. Your own opinion

If you have a different opinion than others, embrace that. It presents the diversity of life, and it makes life so much more interesting than a society of cloned people.

37. Your ability to read

If you are reading this, then you know how to read. It might not sound like a big deal to you, but some people aren’t allowed to study, even to read.

38. Internet connection

If you are the majority of people, you might have internet connection nearby, if not 24/7. But still, internet connection is not world-wide.

39. Your bravery

You know your life is hard. But you still go on, day by day. Isn’t that a proof of how brave you are?

40. The love you receive

Children refuse to thrive, even die without receiving love. So if you are still breathing, you are loved, deeply.

41. Experiences

Experiences are priceless. Because you cannot buy them, you have to live them. After every experience, you grow a little, you mature a little and you learn a little.

42. Someone you admire

To have someone that you admire is like having a role model, where you can look up when you get confused and lost.

43. Your ability to take care of others

You will know how much you worth and how much you are loved when you take care of others. If you can take care of others, it means you are strong, you are tough and you are needed.

44. Your love toward others

The world would be a strange place if there is no love. Allow yourself to receive love and give love in return.

45. Safety

Safety doesn’t happen by accidents. So if you are living in a war-free country, you are blessed.

46. Your tears

Don’t ever feel embarrassed because of your tears. It is a sign that you have a big heart and you are brave enough to show it to the world.

47. A person who keeps your secrets

A true friend is someone you can trust to share all of your secrets. If you found one, you are lucky. I haven’t found mine.

48. Music

When you feel low, turn on some music. Does it just make you feel so much better?

49. A little treat on a rainy day

I love the rain. What can be better than a hot cup of tea, with your favorite book while you sit next to the window and listen to the rain?

50. A shower

A shower washes away the negative thoughts and makes you relax. If you can take a shower anytime you want, it means that you can choose to wash off all the bad thoughts anytime you want.

Many of you don’t have the privilege to have all 50 things above. You can have more, you can have less. If you just look around, you can find many reasons to be grateful for, many things that make your life beautiful and worthy.

No matter how brutal your life gets, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to be brave and look for it.

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