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The Miracle of Thousands of “Thank You” Every Day - Live A Worthy Life

The Miracle of Thousands of “Thank You” Every Day

Change your way of seeing life

How many times have you heard that saying? Sure, it’s a good quote, you know it’s true and you believe in it. And you’ve tried, my God you’ve really really tried your best to look at life from a different perspective, from a brighter one maybe.

But sometimes it is so damn hard to be positive when you feel like the world is fighting against you, or when a tiny thing bugs you.

If you follow the suggestions in my post 50 tiny things to feel grateful for every day, but you forget all of those things when you need to remember them the most, and still feel crappy for how your life turns out, I have something else that is so powerful that it will uplift your mood in an instant.

A simple “Thank You”.

Well, to put it more correctly, I should say thousands of “Thank You” every day.

I know what you are saying.

“How can I say Thank You to other people when they are being mean to me?”

Here’s the best part. You don’t have to.

The only person that you need to say Thank You to, is yourself. Because you, my friend, is a miracle yourself.

You are a miracle

You are alive

Let’s talk a little bit about how a person is born. Yes the combination of an egg and a sperm results in it, but do you know that of all billions of sperms are different? To put it a simpler way, if another sperm got into the egg first, someone else would have been born, not you.

And who told those sperms to race to your mom’s egg? No one did. It’s the miracle of life.

So you, yourself, before you could even remember, you went through a lot of things just to become yourself. And day by day, you slowly changed your physical body to form a perfect human being.

Who told you what to do and how to do that? No one did. It was a miracle. You are the result of a miracle.

You interact and change the world every day even if you don’t know it

You think you are too small, you are no one or you don’t do anything to change the world. The truth is, just by living, you change the world.

When you do a thing, you connect with like-minded people, including people you’ve never met yet.

Remember sometimes when you first meet someone, you like or dislike them immediately, Well, because their energies are either positive or negative. And you have that kind of energy too.

All of your work will turn into energy, this energy spreads out, impacts on other people. You have the power to change people and circumstances.

You always connect with like-minded people

Your body is a miracle

Your heart never stops beating. Your brain never stops thinking. Your blood never stops flowing. You chew your food, swallow it and somehow it turns into your energy. From a piece of bread, you can walk, run, read, exercise, lift weights….

Which force does all of that?

Your body literally outweigh the fastest computer or the finest machine in the world. Your body is a miracle.

I can give you countless of reasons. But I believe you get my point.

You are a miracle. You deserve to be loved, be respected, be cherished and appreciated. You deserve all the good in the world.

So why shouldn’t you thank yourself a couple thousands of times a day?

You are experiencing thousands of miracles every day

If you struggle to find things to thank for, remember your very existence is a miracle and you should be thankful for that. Every move you make is a miracle.

Let’s me remind you just a few miracles you encounter every day.

  1. The air you breathe

  2. The plumbing system at your house, your work or every places you go

  3. The vehicles you use

  4. The internet

  5. The phone

  6. The traffic

  7. The food you take

Why shouldn’t you spend a little bit of your time to say Thank You to those miracles?

When you realize them, you will instantly uplift your mood. As it is hard to be grumpy when you are sitting on a beautiful beach and enjoying the sun and the breezes, your troubles seem to be lifted when you see the beauty of everything around you.

How I reduce 98% of my back pain without any medication

Let me tell you my experience.

I’ve always have back pain, ever since I was a kid. I do exercise but I cannot do walking exercise, because it increases the pressure to my spine. Even when I sleep, my spine doesn’t rest 100%. This has nothing to do with exercise or medication, it is congenital.

Things got worse since I got pregnant.

As my weight increases, the pressure to my back also increases. Sometimes I have so much pain that I cannot walk or stand up normally.

At first, I thought I had to deal and live with it throughout my pregnancy as my exercises didn’t seem to be helpful.

The “Thank You” technique came to me as a total coincidence.

In fact, there is no coincidence. I believe that because I’ve reached a new level of self-understanding, I am able to understand this technique as well. That’s why life brought it to me.

I say thousands of “Thank You” every day.

I thank my feet for taking me to places.

I thank my back and my spine to support my body. Even though I have the pain, I thank them for doing their best.

I thank my body to be a perfect place for my soul to live in.

I thank my heart and my inner system for functioning well and keeping me healthy.

I thank my hands for their abilities, allowing me to do everything I want.

I thank my teeth for letting me chewing my food.

I thank my food.

I thank my water.

I thank my job.

I thank everything.

Within a day, my back pain is gone.

Sometimes I feel a pinch at my back, then I thank it for getting better and supporting my body.

That’s the miracle of thousands of “Thank You”.

Thank Yourself
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Mai Pham

Mai Pham is the founder of Live a Worthy Life. She believes we can recreate our lives. Her mission is to help you to ditch your stress, anxiety, and worries to enjoy life again.