Smartphones Addict: How To Use Smartphones Without Falling Into Addiction

Smartphones addict

Smartphones make our lives easier. They sure do.

They can replace our alarm clocks, our calendars, our thick and boring notebooks. They can give you access to the world, you can update what is happening in the world with just a few taps on your screen, and you can tell the world what you are doing.

We had to use big and heavy cameras to take pictures, but now you can take pictures, record videos and do hundreds of things with those pictures and videos with your phone.

We used to read books, watch TV and listen to the radio. But smartphones can replace them all.

I dare to say, smartphones change our lives. Significantly.

But it doesn’t mean they change our lives for the better.

The downside of smartphones

1. Smartphones lower our self-esteem

Smartphones give us such an easy way to connect to the world, to our friends, to the people we like and to famous people.

I remembered when I was a kid, I had a favorite singer. The only chance I could see him singing was to wait for the weekly one-hour music show, where they selected most popular songs to play and wished my favorite singer was featured on it. If I got lucky, I could watch him performing one song per month. So that’s 12 times per year.

What’s now?

Just a simple tap on your phone, you can see your favorite singers, idols, music composers or whoever you like.

It’s hard not to admire their perfect lives and feel anxious about your shitty life. You constantly compare yourself with others, with your friends, your peers, your idols until you are exhausted and hopeless, thinking that your life is doom.

According to Time, Nina Langton attempted suicide at the age of 16, because she worried about how she looked comparing with models who were featured on magazines.

2. Smartphones break relationships

Smartphones make relationships. They help to connect people all around the world and bring people closer. People can talk to and see each other at the same time almost for free even though they are half globe away from each other.

But smartphones can break relationships too.

It’s when you forget to put down your phone and have a real conversation with your partner.

​It’s when you remember to send texts after texts to your partner, but when he or she gets home, you have nothing else to talk about.

​It’s when you let your partner go to bed alone, because you are busy playing your games, reading your news or just checking your media channels.

If you let your smartphone steal your real time with your partner, you might already let it steal your intimacy.

3. The smarter your phones get, the dumber you become

This seems like a trend.

​The thinner and smarter phones are, the fatter and dumber we are.

​You used to calculate things on your head, remember anniversaries and people’s birthday. You used to remember important things, like paying due bills on time.

But your phone can do all of those things for you. In fact, the smarter they become, the more things they can do. Your precious brain doesn’t need to work on that stuff anymore.

The more you depend on your phone, the less your brain works, the dumber you become.

We are addicted to smartphones

Breaking it down, addiction is a condition which the continuation of it interferes with work, relationships, or health.

Once you let your phone interferes your life, you are addicted.

For simpler words, you might be addicted to your phone if:

  • Your phone is the first and the last thing you see every day.
  • You always make sure your phone is fully charged and you have an external charger as a backup plan.
  • You imagine feeling your phone vibrating or ringing. 
  • You carry your phone to the bathroom .
  • You turn to your phone when you are not comfortable.
  • You’re on your phone while eating or watching TV.
  • ​You can text without looking at the screen, but you forget how to start a conversation.

While phone addiction can turn to be extreme and seriously interferes your life, you can still enjoy the latest piece of technology while maintaining a healthy habit.

How to use smartphones without falling into addiction

1. Buy a real alarm clock

Most of us use our phones as alarm clocks. And once you are done with snoozing your alarm for 20 times, you start browsing the news and check your friends’ updates while you are in bed.

​You think you are strong enough to resist the temptation and use your phone as a normal alarm? Good for you. But I won’t suggest that.

You better spend your willpower somewhere else, to something else rather than that little thing.

2. Remove the excess apps

There are thousands of similar apps in your Play Store or App Store. When you download an app, they suggest you check out other similar apps.

​And you follow their suggestion. You know, just to make sure you get the best app possible!

You end up downloading 5 apps doing the exact same thing.

Reach to your phone right now, check all the similar apps and all the apps you barely use and remove them. Keep only the apps you do need.

3. No phone to the bedroom or bathroom

If you struggle to keep your hands off your phone in the evening, try to eliminate your time using it. Leaving your phone out of the bedroom not only gives you a tech-free space, it also prevents the blue light from your phone keeping you awake, causing insomnia or damaging your eyes.

And definitely, stop bringing your phone to the bathroom. Having your phone in the bathroom increases your bathroom time. Not only it is unhealthy, it’s also gross. All the germs, bacteria and worse (fecal matter) will go to your phone. When you answer phone calls, touch your phone before eating, you are likely to put all of those things into your mouth.

4. Agree a phone-free time with your partner

If you must use your phone all day, arrange a phone-free time with your partner. Engage in the conversation. Listen and respond to your partner.

​Instead of constantly disrupting your partner with your phone’s notification, or worse, ignore her/him completely, increase your intimacy by using the old-school methods, through the touch, the voice and eye contact. You will notice a dramatic change after it.

5. Put your phone to useful use

How do you often use your phone? Do you use your phone to improve your life, or you just add more chaos and trash in it? Because that’s what most news and media channels do.

​You can put your phone to useful use, for your own good. It can be reading books, listening to podcasts or learning something. But make sure you are using your phone solely for those purposes.

​Create a clear vision of what you will do with your phone, make time for those and turn your phone off at other time.

Detox smartphones 

We live in the world of chaos where things that can be smarter than people.

But you have the option to become the master of those things or become their slave.

You have the option to be smarter, or dumber than them. You have the option to let the world know you are in charge of your life.

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