7 Things That You Should Never Sacrifice For Your Work No Matter What

When you first started working, it is easy to lose your work-life balance in order to climb higher and faster in your career ladder. While it is acceptable and recommended in some cases, there will be the time when you stop climbing higher, looking at yourself in the mirror and feeling regret for not living your life.

It is important to recognize when you are working too hard and plan to claim your life back.

Work is a fair trade of services for money. If you give it your all, you might end up with nothing.

Here are 7 things in your life that you should never sacrifice for your job, not even for the best job in the world.

1. Family

You might think that you are doing everything you can for your family, to provide your family. But it’s your family who often suffers the most from your work. In the effort to achieve more and more in your career path and be able to provide more to your family, you trade the priceless time you have with your family for your work.

Nothing is permanent. Your family won’t be with you forever. When you are on your deathbed, you will not remember how much money and things you provide for them, you only remember the memories you have with them.

When your life is flashing in front of your eyes, make sure it is worth watching. ~ Mai Pham

2. Health

There are so many people who don’t have a healthy lifestyle. They don’t exercise, they don’t watch their food consumption, they eat everything they could find in the store, never bother what’s in there.

They all have something in common.

They are too busy for a healthier life. They are too busy to concern about their health right now.

I know they are, I know you are.

But if you don’t have health, you don’t have anything. You won’t be able to stay in the working game for long, not even come closer to the ultimate success that you’ve been dreaming of.

It is easy to take a step back while work stress and struggles come into your life. But if you don’t mark a clear line, they will pile up and create even more stress for you.

3. Boundaries

Do you set boundaries? Do your boundaries become blurry or stepped over because of your work?

It is important to fit in and to prove your worth as an employee who can contribute to the company. But if you keep taking a step backward and allow your work to become your priority, you will lose yourself in the progress. You will feel obliged to staying up late because you’ve always been doing so.

Mark your boundaries and allow no one to step on it.

Remember, once you don’t respect yourself and your boundaries, people will learn not to respect those either. It all starts with you.

4. Your belief

As much as you want to achieve your goals and become the best among your peers, you might find yourself stretch your boundaries and belief too much in order to cope with others.

The thing is, your job should not make you feel like a fraud.

You don’t have to become someone else just to play a role in your job. It is that simple.

Make sure that one day you sit back and look at all what you’ve done, and you don’t regret becoming that person.

5. Your dream

If your job is also your dream, you are very lucky. Most people aren’t.

For the majority, their jobs are the sources of income, nothing more. Many people while working at their jobs, also finding a way to make their dreams come true. Many people don’t.

For those, they let their jobs and their current security as excuses to turn their back to their dreams. Because they have too many things to lose, or they have so many responsibilities to fulfill.

Don’t be one of them.

Everyone has responsibilities. Everyone is busy. But if you do nothing, you will always be a dreamer, not a doer.

6. Your interest

Many of us are defined by the jobs we have. We remember ourselves as some engineers, accountants or salespersons. We don’t talk about ourselves as some dancer-lovers, amateur guitar players or bookworms.

Don’t lose your interest in the progress of becoming a professional employee. Keep your mind open and active for new hobbies and habits. This will help you to maintain the work-life balance and reduces stress, as long as allows yourself to explore new experience.

7. Time for yourself

Your job demand is insane. You don’t remember when was the last time you have a vacation without your laptop and your phone ringing. You feel like things will fall apart without your constant and immediate action.

This might hurt, but..

Everyone is replaceable. You are not that important as you think you are. They’ve survived before you, and they will survive without you.

What you are doing doesn’t make you become irreplaceable, it makes people lazy and dependant on you.

Spend time to unplug from everything, your job, your work, your phone and recharge your soul, body and mind.

Work is not slavery. Don’t turn yourself into a slave of your work

In order to reach a higher position in your career path, you tend to sacrifice many things in your life to put yourself over your peers. However, sometimes it is just not worth it.

Sometimes you will realize your happiness doesn’t rely on how much money you make, or how highly respected your position is. Your happiness is from you, and people you love.

If you are guilty of sacrificing those things in your life because of your job, this is your wake up call. It’s time to reconnect with your family, friends, and the most important of all, your higher self.

Remember to have a life outside of your office, so when you are tired, you don’t have to figure out what to do next, but you know exactly what your next move is.

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Mai Pham

Mai Pham is the founder of Live a Worthy Life. She believes we can recreate our lives. Her mission is to help you to ditch your stress, anxiety, and worries to enjoy life again.