Meditation For Beginner: 9 Myths About Meditation That Most People Believe

Mediation for beginner

Be quiet and hear the flow of the universe.

“If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel its rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is key.” ~ Buddha

You know meditation is good for you.

Maybe you haven’t tried it yet. But after reading here and there why you should, you kinda want to give it a try.

But you are still skeptical. Meditation is just not for you.

You would love to dance, to run, to jog, to do whatever that is active, but you don’t know if you can just sit still and think nothing.

What’s more, you want to do it right. You want to meditate the right way, and reap the huge benefits since day one.

Here’s the thing.

What makes you feel so skeptical about meditation?

It seems like you have been believing in some common myths about meditation, that mostly spread by people who don’t practice it.

Let’s find out if you also believe in the same thing.

1. Meditation means to clear your mind and think nothing

Most people believe that you have to empty your mind and think of nothing when it comes to meditation.

But it’s untrue. Or more specific, it’s impossible.

You cannot empty your mind. Ever. Even when you are sleeping.

You have approximately 60,000 thoughts crossed your mind a day. That’s so much more than the most powerful computer in the world. It’s impossible if you try to stop this machine.

And in fact, you don’t have to. Because that’s not how meditation works.

Instead of trying to eliminate those thoughts, meditation requires you to pay attention to them and withdraw from engaging with those thoughts.

Imagine you are closing your eyes and trying to count your breath. You then hear a car horn from the street. Just by listening to the sound, you can tell exactly what kind of car, which model it is. That’s exactly how you are engaging with your thought.

You don’t have to eliminate the sound of the car in your head, but you just need to realize that you are engaging with your thought, to turn from a sound to a visual picture of a car. By accepting, you can let go the grip and let the sound be a sound.

Meditation for beginner

2. Meditation means you have to sit in an uncomfortable lotus posture

There are postures in meditation. You don’t necessarily have to sit in a lotus posture if it is not comfortable for you.

It is much better to sit in the couch with your feet on the floor and be in present and aware of your feelings than sitting in a lotus posture and wish that you have a chair to sit on.

3. You need to meditate at least 30 minutes a day

No you don’t. Of course it is better if you can spare some time in your day to meditate, but if you are busy and you cannot put 20 to 30 minutes a day, don’t sweat.

Because you can just try to meditate for 5 minutes a day.

That’s it. And the good news?

You will reap the benefit even you only spend couple minutes a day to meditate.

So get started with 5 minutes a day. And add one more minute after every week.

4. Meditation offers a mean to escape your reality

If you come to meditation to find a way to escape from reality, you are likely to be disappointed.

No, meditation is not about you sitting alone, daydreaming and pretending like they are real. And meditation will certainly not help you to escape your life.

In contrast, meditation helps you to connect deeper with your inner self, to understand your emotions, feelings and reactions to your reality. It might enlighten you and show you the path that you have been looking for.

5. Meditation will make me want to abandon all the cool things in my life and live like a monk

You might have this impression to yogists. They look so happy and satisfied with who they are, where they are and they don’t need to push themselves over the limit to compete with anyone.

This makes you think they abandon all the cool things in their life. You might even think they live in a tent somewhere and just breath to live.

However, it is just the strong impression of those people’s inner peace and calmness that makes you relate to monks.

And it is possible that after a while of practicing meditation, you can see things clearer and prioritize things in your life, and gradually remove things that don’t matter.

6. Meditation is just relaxation

Meditation can make you relax. But it’s not relaxation.

While relaxation releases the tension in your body and stops there, meditation takes it up a notch. It allows you to connect with your higher self to fully consciously stay in the present.

7. Meditation will make you feel good all the time

It is true most of the time. But sometimes it gives you the boldest decision and wildest advice ever.

You are more aware of things that are happening in your life, and how they impact on you. You might be empowered enough to change, to get out of your comfort zone and do what you think is right.

8. You need to sit in a certain place, outdoor, among nature, early in the morning to meditate

There is no requirement when it comes to meditation. Well, maybe there are a few. But where you meditate or when you do is not a requirement.

You can literally meditate anywhere, anytime.

However, when you first started, you might easily get interrupted. For better result, try to form a habit and create a good environment for your habit to bloom.

9. You need a master to help you get started

You don’t need to find a teacher to help you get started. You might need to follow few pieces of advice, read some books and then you are good to go by yourself.

There is no injury danger so it literally is a practice for every people.

I hope I help to clear it off your chest.

Meditation is nothing like you used to think it is.

Now you know that meditation is good for you, that all the excuses you have been using to not practice meditation are just some myths, and you are equipped with some basic tips to get you started.

I guess that’s all you need for your first day.

Mark it on your calendar tomorrow. Give it the commitment it deserves and put it into action.

Connect with me?

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