15 Habits Of Happy People That You Don’t Have

habits of happy people

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit” ~ Aristotle

According to Aristotle, there is no secret to excellence or success. It appears that if you consistently do something every day, eventually you will become the top of the field one day.

Every person has a whole set of habits. Some habits were formed so early in their lives that they aren’t aware when they actually do them.

Here are a few of those habits:

  • Scratch your heads when you are nervous

  • Play with your fingers while worrying

  • Tap your feet to the floor when waiting

Or some more harmful ones:

  • Smoking

  • Drinking

  • Playing with your phone every chance you have (yes, addiction and habit)

So if our habits make us who we are, what habits of happy people that you don’t have?

1. They start their days with joy and positivity

The right attitude will define your day. It is not a coincidence that happy people often have their meditation sessions first thing in the morning and gratitude journalling sessions right after it.

A day is just a day. There is no bad day, no good day or busy day. It’s how you feel. And you can decide how to feel. If you struggle to find things to feel thankful for, check out this suggestion “50 tiny things to be grateful for every day”.

2. They have a routine that allows them to reach their highest potential

Happy people are productive. Because they know the value of time. Instead of procrastinating and wasting time, they try to create a routine that allows them to stay focus, get their jobs done so they can spend their valuable time with their loved ones.

How do you plan and measure your day? Do you just go with the flow or you keep a very clear schedule and make sure you stick with it?

There is no right way or wrong way. Just find out which one works best for you and make it your routine.

3. They focus on their goals and their goals only

Do you have many things you want to do with your life, but then you just cannot decide which one to follow? You check out other things, to make sure you take everything into consideration, so you won’t miss a thing.

This is the exact opposite how happy people do. They know their goals and they focus on them only. They don’t waste time checking around to see if there are any other cool things they might like.

4. They surround themselves with positive people

It means they are very selective when it comes to friends. Even if they know someone since their childhood, and they are willing to end that relationship if it is negative. They understand the importance of friends and they find friends who are supportive and positive.

5. They allow only good vibes to enter their lives

Life has up and down. Sometimes bad things just happen. It might be a mean comment at work about how you are, or some conflicts you have with your friends, or when you show up late to the meeting. Once it happens, you feel bad for the whole day.

This is why you are not happy.

Happy people also have bad things happen to them. But you know what they do? They shrug their heads, shake it off, take deep breaths and forget about those. They only allow good things to linger around themselves.

6. They love their job. If not, they find a job that they love

You know what they say, “Love what you do, do what you love”. But you cannot have it yet. Because you still have so many responsibilities to fulfill.

Guess what? Everyone has responsibilities to fulfill. Right now you might not be working at the job you love yet, but there is nothing to stop you from finding the work you love.

7. They don’t aim for perfection

You can get things done. But you always take a step further, to make things perfect. You spend 2 times more than other people to work on certain projects, because you want everything to be right, to be perfect in the first place.

This is just not going to work so well for you.

You have to work harder, to spend more time to work, to cut off your family or sleeping time. You feel bothered when things are not perfect. It doesn’t only affects your personal life but also hurts your professional life, when you are falling behind other people.

For the first time in your life, open your mind and finish the job for the sake of completion, not perfection.

8. They don’t wait for the perfect moment

Everything has its own moment, doesn’t it? You know who you want to become in your life, but you haven’t made a move yet. Because it’s not the right time.

Right now, you are busy. You have a family to take care of. You have bills to worry about. It’s just not the right time.

But once you get less occupied, you will start. You know you can do it one day.

Happy people don’t wait. They focus on their goals and they are willing to make some sacrifices to make their dreams come true. They take their first step, and figure out the rest along the way.

9. They let go their painful pasts

The past is gone. No matter how many times you revisit your past, you cannot change it. It cannot hurt you anymore. Unless you let it.

Stop trying to control the uncontrollable, stop trying to making a sense out of your past. Let it go.

10. They make small positive changes

You might know a lot of things that you need to change in your life. And you want to change all at once. After couple days of trying and exhaustion, you feel overwhelmed and you decide that those changes are impossible. At least, impossible for you.

Happy people know they have to improve many aspects of their lives too. But they don’t sweat it. They don’t go all in and make themselves stressful, tired or frustrated. They make tiny small changes and keep adding more small changes when they become familiar with the previous ones.

What do you want to change now? Working out 30 minutes a day? Why not start with 5 minutes stretch, or even simpler, 5 squats in the morning?

Those tiny changes are impossible to fail. Before you know it, you form a new habit that benefits you in the long term.

11. They let go toxic relationships

Sometimes we have relationships that are not healthy for us. It might be your parents who always preach and judge you. It might be your old friends who always complain that they are not good enough. It can even be your relatives who always ask you for help with everything.

It is hard to let go relationships, especially the closed ones. But if they are unhealthy for you, you need to withdraw.

No you don’t have to tell your parents you are no longer their kid, but instead of letting your parents preach and judge you, you can tell them that you just want to be with them and talk about something good.

12. They take care of their health

Your health is your most valuable asset. People who have health have hope, people who have hope have everything.

Stop consuming toxic food. Be aware of what you put in your body every day. Eat clean whole food. Exercise.

13. They don’t worry about their appearance. They concern about their feelings.

We are living in the social media world when people concern too much about how they look. The more you spend time on social media, the more you worry about your appearance, and the less confident you feel.

But you are so much more than your appearance. Happy people know that.

You can easily tell someone if they are happy because they normally stand out in the crowd. Not because they are the most beautiful people in the room. But it’s about they are smart, funny, honest and confident. And they know that.

Stop worrying about how you look. Instead, ask yourself how you are feeling.

14. They are not afraid of challenges and failures

You don’t have a good relationship with challenges and failures. In fact, they terrify you. They make you scared, make you feel vulnerable and worthless.

Incredibly happy people are not afraid of those. They might not have a good relationship with challenges and failures. But they still welcome them into their lives. Because more than anyone, they know that’s their chance to improve themselves and learn valuable lessons that no school can ever teach them.

15. They embrace every moment of their lives

We love multitasking. We read a book during lunchtime. We look at our phones when we walk. We read the newspapers at breakfast.

The thing is, to live your life to the fullest, you have to learn to embrace every moment. It’s how your life is created. If you let yourself too busy to feel, to look, to see and to hear, you will miss out your life in so many ways.

Practice mindfulness. Embrace every moment. Feel all the feelings. Live all the experience.

There you go, you now know the habits of happy people. It might be a long list but you don't have to stress yourself and try to achieve them all at once. 

Happiness takes work. Give yourself some time.

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