7 Signs You Are Spending Too Much Time Living In Fantasy

Live in fantasy

Oh how much you love to spend time alone to live in fantasy.

So you can be lost in your mind, be lost in your own world, where is no sorrow, no suffering, no struggling, where everything is perfect the way you want it.

In your world, you are the king. You are the most successful person you know. You are wealthy, happy, fit and strong. Even if you relax and take it easy, you still accomplish extraordinary things.

Even when you are not alone, you are still able to see how the world will be different in couple years, when you achieve it all, have it all and know it all.

But, it’s not who you are today. One day, though, you will start doing things that make you successful, happy and wealthy. Today you are just too busy with your life. One day, when you are less occupied, things will be different.

It’s completely okay to dream and to imagine. Because when you are doing so, you are sending a signal to the universe and command the universe to manifest it back into your life.

But there is one problem.

In order for the law of attraction to work, you have to put into action

Are you spending too much time to live in fantasy and forget to take the move? Are you guilty of any sign below?

1. You procrastinate, thinking your future self will do a better job than you

Most people when they daydream, they don’t have enough time to live in the present. When they don’t have time to finish their work, what will they do?

No they don’t rush to concentrate to do their work, they keep putting it off, hoping that one day their future self will show up and save the day.

If that sounds similar to you, you are letting your procrastination monster take over your life.

The hard truth is, your future self will never show up, if you don’t put in the work today.

2. You space out even in the middle of a conversation

You don’t like talking to many people, especially when they need you to listen and respond. Because you think what they are talking about is boring.

You don’t really care about what they have to say. You let your mind drifts off even in the middle of the talk.

3. Your fantasy is your only happy place

The reality is hard. You have too much work to do. All the deadlines, pressure and demand drive you crazy. You want to escape from the reality.

You work and live for your fantasy. That is your only happy place, where no deadlines and pressures can touch you, where everything is possible. When you are hurt or tired, you daydream about the perfect future where you will be everything you’ve ever wanted to be.

4. You barely get things done

You spend time to daydream and imagine how your future will be. You procrastinate until the last minute and you barely get things done.

You no longer try to have high-quality work, you work just for the sake of work and salary. You do the bare minimum things not to put you on the list of laid-off employees.

While you can make an excuse to yourself to explain your behavior, such as you don’t have the passion for your current job, you have no excuse to explain why you haven’t worked on your dream.

5. You cannot focus on the reality

Your daydreaming can become alarming if it makes completing the most simple task difficult. You cannot concentrate on the reality, you often lose track of what you are doing, and you waste time trying to remember where you were before continuing to do your work.

6. You cannot tell which is real, which is not

When you daydream, you can use your current situation and create the most convincing and real fantasies as possible.

You see the big house in the street while driving to work? That will be similar to your house in the future.

A cute guy at work talks to you when he sees you in the pantry? You think he likes you, and you dream almost all cute guys at work like you and they are fighting for you.

You love a movie you just watched recently? You dream that your future partner will be madly in love with you like the handsome actor in the movie.

While it’s okay to create fantasies, getting lost on them and cannot tell which one is real life, which one isn’t can be frustrating. You can easily get disappointed when things don’t go the way you daydream about, or you can become frustrated when comparing your reality with your dreams.

7. You cannot keep track of time

One common sign to prove that you are spending too much time living in your fantasies is that you cannot keep track of time. Of course, you can’t.

You were busy playing one scene in your head until it becomes as charming and romantic as possible, that one scene can last 1 minute in your head, but all the time you write and direct that scene in your head, couple hours have passed by.

You constantly deter your life to the weekend, promising yourself to live your life to the fullest, to go out and work out, to meet your friend, to read a new book in the weekend. But while you are still busy laying in bed playing a scene in your head, the weekend is already over.

Imagine when all the fantasies you have come to life.

It’s not bad to imagine. In fact, some greatest teachers in the world advise us to use this gift to manifest things to our lives. However, imagination is just imagination. You still one step away from dreaming about it to making it your reality: you need to take action.

Imagine what will happen if you achieve all the things you’ve ever wanted.

You are healthy, happy and focused. You are successful and wealthy. And you don’t have to spend time to daydream anymore, because you are actually living your dream.

All the hard work is paid off.

You can make it happen. With one simple condition.

Stop daydreaming, start working today.

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Mai Pham

Mai Pham is the founder of Live a Worthy Life. She believes we can recreate our lives. Her mission is to help you to ditch your stress, anxiety, and worries to enjoy life again.

  • Cody Dotson says:

    well, i usually keep my self from being bored (im 13 btw) by being in my own world because i literally have nothing but school and a few chores then the rest if the day i up to me and that gets pretty boring i usually do that crap when im alone like reading or just home alone. i never do it when other people are around because it is probably bad for me. it keeps me internained and realizing how boring and ugly my lifeexistence is

    • Mai Pham says:

      Hi Cody. I know exactly what you are talking about because I felt the same when I was your age. But God knows if only I had a chance to go back in time, I would do so many things differently, including living in the moment.
      I guess you will figure it out yourself later. Time will help you do it.
      Meanwhile, enjoy yourself. You only 13 once.

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