I know who you are. I know if there was one word to describe yourself, it would be "Awesome".

I mean, why aren't you?

You are unique. You are passionate. You are hard-working. You are dedicated. 

And that's awesome. 

But how about your life? 

Well, it's not that awesome anymore.

You are hard-working but you are working on a job that you hate.

You are passionate but recently you don't feel the spark between you and your partner. Things just get cold.

You don't have the financial freedom you need. 

You are not happy. You beat yourself up often. 

You wake up in the morning, feeling "meh" most of the time. It makes you tired, lifeless and upset.

You feel stuck.

You want to...

  • Experience financial freedom.‚Äč
  • Quiet your self-sabotage voices.
  • Pursue your dream no matter how wild it is.
  • Wake up in the morning feeling all excited and joyful for another day.
  • Enjoy every single moment you have on Earth.
  • Be happy.

You are willing to make the change. All the changes that are necessary to fulfill your dream life.

But there's one more problem..

You don't know how. And you don't have the motivation.

I Believe You Deserve To Live The Life Of Your Dream

Live A Worthy Life will help you to overcome obstacles, deal with challenges, create good habits that are needed to get the life you want and learn to love yourself unconditionally.

This time, you will be totally in charge of your life, you will live a life full of joy, success and love.

A Life That Worth Living. 

And it's your life.

Hi, I'm Mai

I was born and raised in Vietnam, a third-world country, where people's main concern is about wealth and money. There is no room for happiness when it comes to life purposes.

I was taught to be the fastest horse in a race. I pushed myself to go beyond my limits to achieve things that other people told me to. And I also measured my self-worth by how much money I made and things I achieved.

Unsurprisingly, I was miserable. I lost myself in the process and I didn't have any desire.

I buried my dreams in the graveyard. 

How I Found Myself Again

Before I knew it, I searched and read all the self-development books I could find, to answer my question "How can I be happy?".

And after tons of books, I learned that it started with me. 

So I practiced mindfulness, learned about my feelings, understood myself in the higher level... all things you could have imagined.

And I finally realized....

Happiness is a choice. We can choose to take control over our lives and feelings.

We have everything it takes to achieve our goals, no matter how big they are.

We can have and experience love, wealth, joy and success to call it a life, rather than working 30 years for a career we hate.

That's exactly why Live A Worthy Life was born.

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It's Your Turn To Live A Worthy Life

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